Established in 1991 by Melody King, Fleurish Floral Designs began bringing beauty to the Monterey Peninsula for weddings and events. Since then, she has been published, featured, and recognized numerous times.

Melody works with every client’s budget and feels it is incredibly important to make a couple’s special day as beautiful as possible, while staying within their budget, as to not put extra stress on them during this special time. 

Fleurish uses local products as much as possible and is committed to supporting local growers. Melody says she tries to be as green as possible by recycling an green waste, plastic, wrapping, cardboard, containers, and even water. 

Fleurish is, in many ways, a family business. Melody’s husband and daughters help with everything, from designing, deliveries, social media and website design, as well as the inevitable clean-ups. In 2015, Melody and her daughter founded Second Blooming, an organization which takes flowers left after weddings and events, and repurposes them to local nursing homes on a weekly basis. 

Melody loves the creative challenges that brides are constantly offering, whether it’s hanging ceiling decor or unusual bouquet designs. Though designing is rewarding, her favorite part of her business is meeting and getting to know wonderful couples, remaining friends with them and following their story as their families grow. 

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